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Feldkamp family This is just a place for me to experiment with some web stuff.  I'm still playing around with that sort of thing, even though it's no longer my profession. It's also a place I use to share things with family and friends.

You may see some ads here, like the Amazon ad at the bottom left or the Google ads at the right. You'll also see a button at the top for my "store," which is just a collection of some of my favorite stuff at Amazon.com, including books by my friend Dave Frahm. Those things are there mostly so that I can play around with them, but if you're going to be shopping at Amazon anyway, why not come here first and click through on the ad at left or go through my store. If you buy end up buying something, I'll get a tiny commission to help offset the $5 per month that it costs me to keep this site up. Typically, I earn about $15 per year from Amazon. I have yet to collect a penny from Google ads.

Have fun!
Rick Feldkamp

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