Whalan (or Whalen), Minnesota

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Cedar Valley Resort

The pictures you saw on the previous page are of one of our visits to Cedar Valley Resort.  We highly recommend this lovely place. The cabins are as beautiful as they look in the pictures.  We're now going there twice a year to reconnect with friends from college.  We are four couples and we fit very comfortably into any of the 4-bedroom units.  They even have one 8-bedroom unit suitable for large reunions.  The lodge is on the Root River, which is followed by the Root River Trail, a lovely, paved bike trail that you can ride for 16 miles in one direction or 27 miles the other direction.  The lodge has fire circles, grills, horse shoes, and swings and can also rent you bikes or gear for canoeing, kayaking, skiing, or disc golf.  If you go there, be sure to tell Larry and Cheryl that we recommended them here at feldkamps.com.

P.S. You must visit the Aroma Pie Shop!  (closed in winter)

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